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Cloud technologies have finally established themselves on the market. That’s good for companies, because the cloud helps them to utilize resources and cut costs, whether by using an in-house data center (private cloud) or a public cloud provider, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud Platform (GCP), or a hybrid of the two types of systems.

Benefit from flexible scaling (elasticity), fast and frequent updates during active operation, and far higher global availability of your systems with as little as zero downtime. Take advantage of innovative cloud services to support your business models to the best of your ability and foster the growth of new business models in the future.

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Massive Cost Savings with Cloud Services

In addition to the traditional infrastructure solutions, there are specialized products for all types of databases, whether relational or NoSQL, as well as complete solutions for data analytics, machine learning, and industrial IoT and services to migrate your operations to the cloud or combine cloud services with existing systems. The assortment of products is highly diverse and continues to grow and improve with time.

We offer sound guidance to help you sort through all the available solutions and select the best combination of providers and services to suit the demands of your business with regard to cost, technological specifications, and operational requirements.

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»As an AWS Consulting Partner, fme AG played a major role in helping us migrate our DevOps toolchain from our internal systems to the AWS Cloud while optimizing security and availability and significantly reducing operating costs.« 

Boris-Michael Steinke

CTO, JITpay GmbH


Cloud Technologies

Microsoft Graph API- a practical example in python

Are you ready to take advantage of Microsoft Graph API's new capabilities? Learn how to set up a Graph Client in Python, register an application in Azure AD, and send emails with this practical example. Read more on our blog now! #MicrosoftGraphAPI #Python #AzureAD #APIdevelopment


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